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Wake Foiling is fairly new sports that have taken the water sports business by storm. The feeling of riding a foil 2-4 feet out of the water feels like to the best powder day of your life on a snowboard or skis. It’s natural, and the feeling can quickly make foiling the best part of any day out on the Arabian Gulf Ocean. The foils are planned to rise above the water at a certain speed, which makes it feel like you are in the air or floating above the water. We have modern foil boards, which are lighter, safer, smaller, and much easier to use.

Wake Foiling is a completely different feeling compared to wakeboarding or wakesurfing. It feels like flying, floating, or a deep powder day at the mountain. Wake foils are designed to work (lift) at higher speeds around the 8 -12 MPH range.

Rise above the choppy water. Foils provide that buttery smooth feeling all day long, no matter how rough the water is making it a great option for afternoon sessions when the water is too rough for wakesurfing or wakeboarding.

Wake-surfers hold a rope to stand up on the surf board, but upon gaining body control and balance, Stability on the board, the rider releases the rope and begins to wake surf the Seariders wake boat-creates wave.

The Foil Board – In other board water sports, the boards are generally the most significant because it naturally connects the rider to the Water – In the case of Wake Foiling, the boards shape, design, and style are somewhat less important because the foil wing is going to be doing a lot of the heavy lifting.

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A new era of wake-filled enjoyment is upon us

Come experience the best WakeSurfing adventure available on waves. We don't wait for the wave, we make the wave!

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