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WakeBoard | Rest | Repeat

On a wakeboard, riders strap their feet into boots connected to the board, similar to snowboarding. wakeboarding is a stimulating, dynamic and exhilarating sport. Fly across the water at breakneck speeds.

By strapping into a wakeboard, riders can stay connected to the board while performing aerial tricks. Since wakeboarders ride holding onto a rope, they can reach faster speeds and launch their boards over wakes to reach breath-taking heights.

Wakeboarding has a number of health and fitness benefits.

  • Strengthens arm and leg muscles
  • Improves flexibility in the hands and feet
  • Improves reaction times and versatility
  • Boosts your swimming ability
  • Improves mental concentration and refreshes the mind from daily distractions.

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FREE Water, Soft Drinks & Ice

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