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About Sea Riders watersports

WakeSurf | Rest | Repeat

To introduce wake boarding, wake foiling and wake surfing to Dubai. ­Watersports is an exclusive & luxurious sport, as we all know. Sea riders’ watersports gives opportunities to people who cannot afford a boat the chance to get out on the water and enjoy the activities on Dubai Ocean. At the end of the day, it’s about family, friends, smiles and fun in the sun. The experience is everything!

We Are Beyond

Passionate Water sports in Dubai, the No 1 location in the United Arab Emirates! Best Wake Surfing, Wake Boarding, and other water sports activities with well-experienced & professional instructors.

Our water sports take place in the safe, deep sea area, where we will be training for singles or in small groups max five people per boat with personalized watersports training, which has always been with the same expert instructors & using the latest  gear to make water sports learning professional, easy and safe.

Sea Rider, since from 2013  being held from three different locations Dubai Marina, Dubai Creek and Dubai Marine Resort and Spa, Jumeirah 1, and managed at Jumeirah 1 locations around Dubai.

If you’re looking for an interesting, new and exciting way to stay fit or just interested in giving the world’s fastest-growing watersport an attempt, we can provide practice sessions to suit depending on your needs.

We stop at nothing

To achieve our goal, we are willing to do anything in order to achieve it, even if it involves  great effort, or struggle, but we will make our riders have the best watersports experience in Dubai.

We Love To Explore​

Passionate about watersports driven to Explore the Arabian Gulf, give us a fresh appreciation for our hometown and country.

We Take It Step-By-Step

We need to get up and take action! We can take things slowly and move step-by-step to avoid overwhelm. Just get moving and get our mission!

We Keep It Simple

This is a great and simple way to explore the marine life. Water sports are not only fun but also helps you stay fit and healthy

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

We create exceptional celebrations and memories by connecting people with new adventures and experiences in one of the Dubai’s most delightful destinations.

The Sea Riders watersports mission is to provide everyone from beginners/ first-time participants to experts’ level with best wake surfing experience and unforgettable memories. We maintain to build on our reputation of eight years of service to the watersport’s community and our guests.

Our team aims to exceed our customer expectations and showcase a complete vacation experience on the ocean, on our wake boats

Our Vision

To be the premier provider of luxury watersports services in the United Arab Emirates, with a commitment to excellence in guest satisfaction. Our enlightening team aims to top our guest expectations and constant focus on communication, teamwork, quality, and service standards.

From the second you ride your first watersports to the day you realize it is something you can’t live without; wake surfing is endlessly shaping your personality.

Benefits Of Watersports

Build Self-Confidence​

when we magnificently ride a wave, an extra level of confidence is added to our approach. Watersports not only improves your physical fitness but also clears your mind & acts as an emotional stabilizer.

Knowledge of Weather & Marine Patterns

Watersports science is a surfer’s creation. It’s an informal science that gathers knowledge from multiple fields of activity, including meteorology, oceanography & physics.

Expand Health And Fitness Points​

Everything we do in the Watersports is healthy. There is no single active surfer who has not built a strong upper body and improved his or her lung capacity, also helps you sleep better at night.

Watersports is also a great weapon against mental illness and bone health.

Surfers Are Traveler's By Nature.

We don’t wait for the wave, we create the wave with our wake boats! Come enjoy Watersports without the sand, salt, jellyfish, sharks and the work of paddling out.

The endless wave allows the wake surfer to ride rope free for as long as their legs can take it.

The best watersports company in Dubai for kids, teens, individuals or groups of friends. On a bright day, there’s not anything better than getting out on the Arabian Gulf. From wake surfing along with the waves created by wake boat on a surf board to enjoy the best watersports.

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We are top rated water sports in Dubai