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Who We Are?

Sea Riders is the leading Water Sports company in Dubai UAE, established in 2013. Staffed with a highly experienced and professional team, trained in safety and coaching. Our friendly team is dedicated to providing our clients with the best wake surfing, wakeboarding and wake foiling. We also provide free coaching and training from our professional instructors as part of our packages. Get the best watersports experience in Dubai by booking with us.

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Jumeirah 1

Malibu 23 LSV

Malibu 23 LSV delivers undeniable performance and agility that is ideal for both beginners and experienced Wake riders. The boat can accommodate a maximum of 5 riders but only one person at a time can do the Wake sport activity. For groups of 4, it is advisable to book a 2-hour slot to make sure that everyone gets a turn and have ample time to enjoy the session.

Dubai Marina


Yamaha V23 is built to meet the needs of wakeboarders. It’s perfect for beginners who love Wake Boarding but it’s also good for other Wake water sport activities. The boat can accommodate up to 5 riders but subject to one rider at a time in the water. We recommended a group of 4 riders to book a 2-hour slot to ensure that everyone gets a turn.

Dubai Marina

Axis A22​

Our Axis A22 comes with wake-view seating options. It is perfect for experienced customers looking for the ultimate Wake Surfing and Wake Foiling experience. The boat can carry up to 5 riders but only one customer at a time is allowed to engage in the water sport activity. A group of 4 people is recommended to book a 2-hour slot to give everyone a shot in the water.

New Axis A24 Boat 2021 Edition

The Axis A24 projects the bold stance for which Axis is noted. The spacious bow, aft, and wrap-around seating provides plenty of room for passenger comfort. This powerful boat has excellent control over wake and wave size and shape. This makes it easy for riders of different levels to enjoy their time on the water. All these attributes combined make it a perfect choice for your wakesports adventure.

Fun Water Sports With The Family

Starting at 100 AED/Person

Banana Boat Ride

The Banana Boat is the most thrilling and the best watersports ride in Dubai. Pulled behind our powerful speed boats, our uniquely shaped Banana Boat will have you racing over waves and flying through the surf as you splash along the beautiful coast of Arabian Gulf Dubai. Hop on our Banana Boat, hold on tight, and let the fun carry you across the waves. (Details: Maximum 3 pax, 15mins, available in Jumeirah)

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Starting at 100 AED/Person

Donut Boat Ride

Donut Boat Ride is one of the new watersports that became popular in recent years. Like our Banana Boat, our Donut Boat also gets pulled behind our powerful speed boats. Feel a different kind of excitement and exhilaration as you bolt over the waves and drift through the surf while making your way across the stunning coast of Arabian Gulf Dubai. (Details: Maximum 3 pax, 15mins, available in Jumeirah)

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Our Locations


Conveniently located on the doorstep of many riders. Dubai Marina provides a beautiful skyline and views including Burj Al Arab and The Palm. Take pictures, enjoy the music, and have fun with your friends.


Enjoy great watersports with Dubai Marine Beach’s flat waters. Experience an amazing time with our brand new boat, the Malibu Wakesetter and double the fun with our brand new equipment, as well. Customers will also have full access to the beach facilities of Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa

Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek (Khor Dubai in Arabic) is a great new location for our wake sports enthusiasts. This 9-mile-long stretch of natural seawater inlet of the Arabian Gulf is nestled in the heart of Dubai. Dubai Creek divides the city into two sections: Bur Dubai and Deira.

Al Ali Yachts is our sister company which provides all kinds of yacht charter services. From touring to a luxury private party, Al Ali Yachts is the name for every yachting experience in Dubai and the whole UAE

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